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Our Focus

The lab’s focus is on imaging and 3 Dimensional (3D) data. The research lab has several federally funded projects. In some cases, the researchers at the lab are the main leads on the projects while in others they collaborate extensively with other researchers both at ASU and outside.

About Us

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News Spotlight

Professors recognized for their work in 3-D technology

Professors Anshuman Razdan and John Femiani's work with 3-D handwriting was recognized Feb. 9 by Arizona State University's Office of Knowledge Enterprise and Development (OKED) and Arizona Technology Enterprise (AzTE).
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Razdan, Anshuman

Researcher Spotlight

Razdan, Anshuman

While his vocational training has been in the area of CAD, CAGD and Vizualization and Computer Graphics, he has spent the past eleven years building very important horizontal connections with other disciplines.
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The motivating topics are geometric modeling, computer graphics, image processing, and visualization and analysis. While we strive to push the envelope of theoretical computer science, our goal is to do this in the frame work of applied research i.e. taking on real world problems that need solutions. Many of these problems might seem different on surface such as our rock abrasion project and the biometrics for 3D faces, but they do share commonalities in science and the mathematics involved in the modeling and analysis of features in both.

We invite you to browse through our Web site, and we welcome informal visits from students and faculty interested in collaboration, or just to check out what we are doing.